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      Corsets are our current favourites and an absolute rage in the fashion industry. Embrace this iconic comeback with Hersheinbox’s chic collection of corsets. You dream it, we make it! Check out and buy corset tops now on our website!


      Corsets are style statements that keep making waves in the oceans of fashion. Hersheinbox’s modern corsetry offers not only style, but also comfort and functionality as they are tailored in easy fabrics and made to flatter all body types. Corsets are the new rage and we can’t help but use them to create signature statement looks. Look effortlessly stunning in our range of corset tops & belts.


      Even though the corset doesn’t need much styling and is a powerful statement in itself, we can help you experiment your look with the following ideas:

      • PAIR IT RIGHT -Corsets literally go well with everything. They look stylish with skirts, trousers, cargo pants, formal pants, denims, even joggers.
      • WAIST BELTS -Corsets are raging as accessories and wearing them as waist belts over long shirts or dresses is enough to change the whole look vibe and feel of your outfit.
      • LAYERING - As opposed to common styling ideas, we believe that corsets make for great top that can be paired excellently with blazer sets, leather jackets, shrugs, coats, or even a plain cover-up.
      • ACCESSORIES - Corsets literally give a huge room to play with accessories, particularly earrings, and necklaces. Bucket hats too, go well with a chic yet laid-back corset look.

      In a nutshell, the modern corset has changed the way fashionista’s dress. A corset is an instant game changer that doesn’t even need much styling. Looking at the current fashion landscape and the contemporary twist to corsets, it looks like this controversial garment is here to stay, at least for a while.

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      Happy Shopping 🛍️

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      Hersheinbox 💋


      What exactly is a bustier corset top?
      The women’s corset top is perhaps one of the most controversial garments in the history of fashion. It is usually supposed to be a laced and hooked tight fitting jacket, constructed to shape the torso, particularly the waist.
      Why do the corsets keep coming back?
      You can either love a corset or hate it, but you can’t not have it. The primary reason why corsets had gone of fashion was their restrictive nature – figuratively and literally, that was causing women to have real medical issues. The reason corsets are now coming back, is their modern construction that doesn’t take away from its original look, and at the same time, allows for room to breathe (literally) and looks flattering on all body types.
      What is the upside to wearing a corset?
      Corsets were originally made only for aristocracy and for the right reasons. Only much later was this garment adopted by other societal classes which is also when it became a thing of controversy. If tailored rightly and worn correctly, the corset top is a great idea to get a good posture and help keep the back straight. Other than that, corsets are oh so sexy and they look so good!