Dreams come true with Hersheinbox

Dreams come true with Hersheinbox

As of 2022, GenZ is the largest generation alive, extremely fashion focused and taking everything by the storm.

At Hersheinbox, we are committed to giving this generation their dream wardrobe, every season.

Hersheinbox was born out of the need and lack of affordable and contemporary fashion in India. It is our resolve to make quality fashion accessible to one and all.

Here, we believe that the way you dress is the way you feel. Hence all our styles are designed to ensure that you ‘Be all that you can be’. We are a made in India label, by women and for women. It is our mission that when you dress up in Hersheinbox, you feel inspired, joyed, confident and empowered. Our designs are so dynamic and radical that they represent life and help you express yourself through fashion. It is also our aim to liquidate the dominance of international fast fashion brands in the Indian fashion playground.


In India, Hersheinbox does trend analysis like nobody else, hence we are effortlessly adapting to both old and young aesthetics as if they have belonged to us for years.

GenZ and millennial fashion is a mix of various worlds and inspired from almost everything under the sun.

For this generation, fashion is limitless and not confined to any particular definition. This is exactly what Hersheinbox is a champion of! Hersheinbox is for the self assured, who should wear what they want when they want however they want!

Fashion is everything you want it to mean- to you. It comes from you. Hersheinbox represents fashion that is more fluid and comfortable. As the world today is thriving on the idea of being imaginative and articulate, at Hersheinbox we believe that fashion too, should be all about self-expression and individuality and not just about dressing up.

Come, live your sartorial dreams with Hersheinbox and get a custom-made closet, perfect to suit your style and needs and personality. Hersheinbox is your one stop to express yourself through a cool graphic collection, delicate floral hues, sizzling weekend looks, elegant co-ords and trendy vacation wear, to name a few!

Don’t forget to check out our latest AW’22 collection, now live on our Website and our App! Follow us on Instagram @hersheinbox, to explore our most sought after Influencer looks! We are committed to add you to our world of imagination and story telling, all through fashion and our voguish styles, for you and from you.

Happy Shopping!

XOXO Hersheinbox