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      Step out in style while feeling a sense of liberation in our super chic yet super comfortable Jumpsuits.


      Jumpsuits are underrated wardrobe staples that can be found in every girl’s closet. Historically, they may have been invented for utility purposes, but they didn’t take too long to become important fashion statements. At Hersheinbox, we played with a range of prints, fabrics and styles to give you an ultimate printed jumpsuit and playsuit collection. Our styles are so chic and comfortable – you’ll want to wear them every day. You’ll feel as good as you’ll look in these simple yet powerful fashion staples.


      • BELTS AND CHAINS –Belts and chains are the most classic and iconic accessories to go with your jumpsuit. Not only do they give you a cinched silhouette, they glam up the whole look.
      • BLAZERS AND LONG COATS –Jumpsuits don’t allow for too many layering options, however they go best with matching or contrast blazers and long coats. You can also tie a jacket around your waist to add definition to your look.
      • FOOTWEAR –Jumpsuits go best with high heels, owing to their length. If you’re headed for a casual day, sneakers are a great footwear option.
      • ACCESSORIES - Jumpsuits can sometimes get a bit boring in the absence of accessories. You can create a style statement by pairing your solid/plain jumpsuit with bold accessories.

      As far as playsuits are concerned, they are as fun as they sound and Hersheinbox’s printed playsuits are the perfect choice for a cheerful vibe. Playsuits as such don’t need much styling. At most you can layer your look with a blazer or a coat. Belts and chains work like magic to level up.

      In a nutshell, jumpsuits are the comfiest wardrobe staples. You can wear them for formal occasions, or use them as statements for your street-style OOTDs. All you need to do is slip on to this all-in-one magic garment and you’re ready to seize the day feeling and looking amazing.

      Follow us on Instagram 📲 @hersheinbox, to explore our most sought after Influencer looks! We are committed to add you to our world of imagination and story telling, all through fashion and our voguish styles, for you and from you.

      Happy Shopping 🛍️

      XOXO ❤️

      Hersheinbox 💋


      Why are they called jumpsuits?
      Jumpsuits got their name because they were literally worn by parachuters to jump from planes, long before they became fashion statements. They were functional garments invented for utility and only much later were they stylized to be accepted as fashionable.
      How to find a perfectly fitting jumpsuit?
      Jumpsuits can be tricky when it comes to finding the right fit for yourself. Make sure you get the right length and size for you so that the garment sits well on your body. It should neither be too lose nor too body hugging.
      What is the most ideal occassion to wear a jumpsuit?
      Jumpsuits are actually quite versatile outfits. They are of course a great choice for a formal event, but they can also be worn on a daily basis, casually to work or on a relaxed day, to break the monotony of your everyday T-shirt and Jean combo.
      What is the difference between a playsuit and a jumpsuit?
      The only difference between a Playsuit and a Jumpsuit is their length. While the classic jumpsuit comes with full pants, the playsuit is just the length of an average mini dress or could be shorter. The length of a playsuit sits like that of shorts.